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Gage is a self-trained artist who began live painting at festivals and concerts in 2011. After 6 years of live painting and showing in local galleries, He quit his corporate job, sold everything and moved to Austria to received formal training at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Arts.

In Vienna, He learned a number of techniques including classical oil painting, egg tempra, illustration, the Fuchs Mische Technique, tempera grassa, and many more. While in Vienna, he was mentored under Luke Brown, Autumn Sky, Olga Klimova, Chris Dyer, Olga Kimova, Rebecca Yanovskaya, Daniel Mirante, Lucy Harding, and Oleg Koralev.

Since then he has lived in multiple countries around the globe. He has also painted murals and live art performances in places such as Spain, Hungry, Indonesia, and Japan.

Currently Gage based in Denver, Colorado painting full time in his studio

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