Collection: No Show Exhibition - 8th Annual Invitational

8th Annual No Show Invitational Exhibition at Bitfactory Gallery

January 19 – March 9, 2024

 Bitfactory Gallery’s Annual No Show Invitational exhibition has a tradition of starting each new year with a wild mix of genres and artists that don’t adhere to a particular theme or aesthetic. This year is no different, except that gallerist and curator Bill Thomason is using this year’s exhibition as a chance to introduce a seasoned group of Colorado artists that he has not shown before. Visitors will enjoy a wide range of styles from Clint Eccher, Meredith Fontana, Lance Green, Steven Morrell, Amanda Thurmon, Riah Urquhart. The public is invited to an Opening Reception on January 19 from 6-9 pm at 851 Santa Fe Drive, and to visit during regular business hours Tuesday through Sunday 11:30 to 3:00 pm. The run dates also coincide with two First Friday Art Walk events on February 2nd and March 1st, offering plenty of chances to catch this show.

Clint Eccher’s “cultural graffiti” paintings contrast minimalistic, fluent lines with the ideation and development of cultural knowledge over the millennia. He is a Colorado Native currently living in Fort Collins.

A former paleontologist and lifelong explorer Meredith Fontana uses photography as the artistic medium to express her worldview and deep connection to the natural world, creating work that captures an emotion or a fresh perspective. 

Working out of Colorado Springs, Lance Green’s paintings, straddle the figurative and the abstract and are done with the intention to use symbolism color and subject matter (and Spirit) to bring an elixir to the soul of the observer. 

Steven Morrell is realist oil painter working out of Boulder. He creates powerful images using a combination of dramatic lighting, unexpected poses, and expressive brushwork.

Amanda Thurmon uses a narrative and illustrative approach to figures in her pieces. These works focus on the general conflict of the human psyche vs. society or the environment that we are influenced by.

Riah Urquhart specializes in impasto & abstract mood painting. Her pieces explore nature, space, technology & the human condition.

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